Why VCF 1st11

Combining the World Class methodologies of Valencia CF and the vision of 1st11 Academy we aim to bridge the gap between Grassroot and Elite club football. By doing this we aim to give you as a player the best opportunities to succeed.

We pride ourselves on providing a football education, giving players the best platform from which they can achieve their potential.

Valencia CF Philosophy Our Academy has developed our Model of Training based on our Model of Game, set from our Identity. We aim develop players who enjoy, who make decisions and have impetus to build game offensively, being intense without ball to recover it. This leads to the education of the player, considering the stage where he is by age and situation. This means that our model always varies to suit the player’s needs, taking care of different contents of training given his context. All this embodied makes our Model of Training periodize those contents in a general way throughout the week. It sets the Moments of the Game to develop, the dynamics of participation of the players, the complexity of achieving the objectives and the parity recovery-effort that the training must have.

In other words, we know when and how to introduce technical behaviours, individual behaviours, and tactical aspects of collective game for the correct education of the player. This content will be spread during the sessions of week in the best way.


Sentiment Sentiment is something inexplicable, it is something that is carried deep inside that cannot be described in words. The DNA of the VCF Academy makes us unique and different. It unifies us, it gives meaning to what we do. It gives us personality and strength. It is about us, and it is what we identify with.

Passion - How do you find your fire? A passionate person is motivated to train every day even if it is a bad day, positive in the face of adversity and energetic in all actions.

Effort - We are exemplary on and off the field. We are driven to present the best version of ourselves. To be impassioned down to the smallest details, and focused at all times.

Courage Valencia, the land of the brave.

Confidence - To be confident is to be safe, to be creative in our actions, powerful in our movements and intelligent in our decisions.

Resilience - Resilience is picking ourselves up each time we fall. To have the spirt of overcoming even in bad moments, to be decisive, to be a fighter, and to adapt to deal with any challenging circumstances.

The city of Valencia was founded with the name Valentia. In Latin it refers to the land of the brave. This is the spirt that we carry in our DNA. In Valencia CF, we never give up.

The best form of respect to our opponents and every challenge in our way is by giving 100% to win and overcome them.

Life is like a football match: We have to be courageous from the first moment to overcome all obstacles.

We fight until the last minute, we are creative in finding solutions, quick to adapt ourselves and dive deeply int all aspects of our lives.

Fellowship The team makes us better. Together until the end.

Humility - To be tolerant. Things will not always go our way. We hold ourselves to high standards but do not presume that we are better than anyone else. It is to be generous because in a team, the common good is the only end goal. To be self-reflective and demand self-improvement every day. It is to be patient, and to have faith that the rewards will arrive.

Loyalty - To be noble and loyal to your own. What I give to the team, the team gives back to me thousandfold. A responsible person with a sense of belonging.