Why VCF 1st11

Valencia CF Philosophy

Combining the World Class methodologies of Valencia CF and the vision of 1st11 Academy we aim to bridge the gap between Grassroot and Elite club football. By doing this we aim to give you as a player the best opportunities to succeed.

We pride ourselves on providing a football education, giving players the best platform from which they can achieve their potential.

Valencia CF Philosophy Our Academy has developed our Model of Training based on our Model of Game, set from our Identity. We aim develop players who enjoy, who make decisions and have impetus to build game offensively, being intense without ball to recover it. This leads to the education of the player, considering the stage where he is by age and situation. This means that our model always varies to suit the player’s needs, taking care of different contents of training given his context. All this embodied makes our Model of Training periodize those contents in a general way throughout the week. It sets the Moments of the Game to develop, the dynamics of participation of the players, the complexity of achieving the objectives and the parity recovery-effort that the training must have.

In other words, we know when and how to introduce technical behaviours, individual behaviours, and tactical aspects of collective game for the correct education of the player. This content will be spread during the sessions of week in the best way.


Respect and Tolerance
Valencia CF players represent a way of behaving, training and competing. They are VCF players both on and off the field. The VCF players and teams are representatives of the values of fair play in our society – beyond sport.

As a club, we are committed to our fans, our partners, our colleagues and our extended global family. We believe that only through teamwork and co-operation can we deliver on our vision and goals.

The Quest for Excellence
The players and the teams gain competitiveness, not distracting themselves with anger and frustration, eliminating the culture of excuses and channelling their energy into the quest for excellence. Valencia CF projects are an image of innovation and modernity.

Valencia CF generates a distinctive brand which projects values, prestige and worldwide recognition. To be a Valencia CF player is a unique opportunity of playing with the jersey of one of the best football teams in the World.