VCF 1st11

VCF 1st11

1st 11 Academy was created in 2012 with the vision of bridging the gap between Grassroot and Elite club football. We pride ourselves on providing a football education, giving players the best platform from which they can achieve their potential. By guiding players through our training programmes, we have produced many players that have gone on to trial and join many professional team academies across the UK and the World.

1st 11 Academy is motivated by one challenge: To provide the best platform and structure to allow each child to achieve their potential.

To meet this challenge, it was necessary to assess the modern game as most players are "spoiled" by high-stake football, a football advocated by many clubs and managers and therefore, unfortunately also by many players. "1st 11 Academy" was therefore created to implement a culture and philosophy to breakdown this mentally and install an atmosphere of education and learning “an education in football”, to break down barriers to opportunity and progress, for players to achieve their potential.

VCF 1st11 Partnership

We have been in partnership with Valencia CF since 2017, and in 2020 we have further embedded that relationship by signing a contract to continue this partnership for the foreseeable future.

VCF 1st11 provides weekly Training, Tours and 1-1 coaching, all of which provide amazing opportunities for our players to be seen and coached by Valencia Academy Coaches, visit the Valencia Academy, and have opportunities to play out in Spain.

Our partnership with Valencia CF is not only for our players, but also for our coaches. Through unrestricted access to Valencia CF training programmes, training of staff that takes place both in Valencia and at individual locations, Monthly conference calls, and annual technical visits will also form part of the partnership.

Andrew Kuprewicz, VCF 1st11 Director had this to say, “We as a club are delighted with our continued partnership with Valencia CF who not only boast World class methodology and curriculum but will also offer significant opportunities for our players and coaches to achieve their potential. I am proud of our relationship, and the legacy of not only the players we produce but also the people we help to develop. We will continue to promote the excellent ideals of Valencia CF who we are proud to be part of their family. AMUNT!”